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what can you tell me about male models? i would like to work in the fashion industry as a model (obv), but i'm only fourteen, anyway i'm 112 pounds and 5'4. have a great day (:
by Anonymous

That’s very short.

the last anon's question has me wondering, if a girl around 20-23 in age but looks youthful, would you still sign her?
by Anonymous


do models lie about their age? for instance, older girls chopping a few years off their real age?
by Anonymous

They don’t lie. We lie if you would. We see everything before we sign them, so I don’t understand how they could lie to us.

You always say (and it is known) that models have to be 5'7 at the VERY LEAST. However, how come models like Anja Konstantinova made it in the industry? Or Kate Moss, or Laetitia casta (who was 5'6)?? They aren't even THAT special? no?
by Anonymous

Anja is an exception, she is mainly within the Australian market, and does work for mainly viby, new-wave brands. With the right management and bookers we can negotiate anything. I could talk all day long about Kate Moss’s case but there’re several books about her.

your favorite models?
by Anonymous


what do you think of abbey lee acting?
by Anonymous

Great. It’s always good for our models to expand to other fields.
“Abbey Lee Kershaw; For best supporting actress,…….”, I can see it now.